Monte del Lago

Roncone lies at the heart of an extended family estate whose main activity is the production of extra-virgin olive oil. Its own oil mill is equipped with traditional grindstones for cold pressing and produces two versions of extra-virgin olive oil: the “Belfiore” monocultivar, produced solely from the typical olive variety of Lake Trasimeno called Dolce Agogia, whose name (“sweet drop” in Italian) reflects its delicate, smooth nature; the other is the “Roncone” blend, extra-virgin olive oil for all courses, with a distinctive elegant flavor, the result of the mélange of Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties.

Fattoria Palombaro

The Family Oil Mill

The Fattoria Palombaro is situated at the entrance of the promontory of Monte del Lago. Set inside the walls of the village which jut out over the lake, and surrounded by its olive groves, for almost a century the Fattoria has rigorously and enthusiastically produced the extra-virgin oil that has made it famous.
The Fattoria covers about 40 hectares over the splendid hills that surround Lake Trasimeno; the part dedicated to olive cultivation has about 12,000 trees, including Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoio and Dolce Agogia varieties. The centuires-old olive groves face onto an area which is rich and intact from a naturalistic and landscape points of view.


Powerful defence structure

Zocco’s settlement perches on the shore of the Trasimeno Lake just in front of Roncone and looks like an uninhabited castle. Its history dates to the 13h century when the site consisted of a tiny church ”Santa Maria in Valle Zocche” and a convent. In the 15th century Zocco became part of a defensive line.

Built on the crest of a hill, the settlement is surrounded by strong walls. Seven towers, one round keep, eight curtain walls and two doors characterize its powerful defense structure.